If you are facing serious consequences with the law, finding a good criminal attorney is a top priority.

Aoun & Associates is most likely able to establish a plan for the defence and respond to your queries with care and professionalism.

We are expert at defending in all kinds of criminal prosecutions – from public order, to murder, to serious fraud, to terrorism. 

We cover every aspect of the criminal justice system, from police station work right up to the criminal cassation court.

We understand that being accused of an offense can be a harrowing experience for the individual and for their family.

Whatever the nature of the accusation, we will defend with the highest level of legal expertise and determination.

We are fearless in protecting clients’ interests, with a particular emphasis on promoting their human rights.

Our Law Firm also provides advice and court representation on all criminal issues including general prosecutions and appeals. We have great expertise in the following major crimes:


Checks, fraud, robbery, breach of trust & bankruptcy


Forgery, credit card fraud, unfair competition


Road traffic accidents, insurance and claims


Offenses against the person including, burglary, murder, assault and malpractice


Personal dignity including, defamation, slander, libel & personal offense


Money laundering


Unfair competition & fraudulent misuse of trade names, trademarks & copyrights