Aoun & Associates Law Firm gives advice to the clients in order to realize their legal interest and together with them endeavor to find the best course to solve their legal problems. In doing so, the firm upholds an ethical commitment and high standards of professionalism.

Aoun & Associates Law Firm is a full service law office led by Dr. Charbel Aoun who is dedicated to achieving excellence in every task undertaken using fast and innovative solutions.

Aoun & Associates Law Firm is also a member of  European Lawyers Association that groups international law firms throughout the countries.

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Aoun & Associates is founded by Dr. Charbel A. Aoun who advises a diversified client base ranging from political figures to businessmen,  entrepreneurs and national and international organizations. The Firm is composed from three to four members. Some attorneys who work for the Firm, like associates; some others work as independent contractors.

Dr. Aoun is recognized as a trusted and experienced lawyer in the Lebanese community. He graduated from Cergy-Pontoise University in France with a PhD in Law. He converses fluently in three languages: Arabic, English and French.

Dr. Aoun is licensed to appear before all courts in Lebanon, and is registered before the Beirut Bar Association. He has extensive local and international experience and has represented a variety of clients in different legal matters.


As a professor of law, Dr. Aoun gives different courses in several faculties and American institutions in Lebanon in different fields of law such as labor law, social security law, business law, and taxation law.

Trainings & Workshop

He is very active in training and workshops whereas he offers a variety of law seminars designed for business owners, managers of all skill levels and human resource professionals. Up to January 2021, Dr. Aoun has given more than 77 Law Workshops in Lebanon.


Up to March 2021, Dr. Aoun had obtained 8 (Eight) course verified certificates related to International Labor & Human Rights Laws from “Harvard University”, the “International Training Center (“ITC”) of the International Labor Organization “ILO” and the “United Nations Human Rights” (Office of the High Commissioner).

Dr. Aoun had provided many legal studies to several international organizations such as the world health organization “WHO” and the international labor organization “ILO”. He is the author of more than 55 Law articles that were published in legal magazines and economic newspapers, and has 22 TV appearances in Lebanon and the middle east.